Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is it True?

If this is the case....then i am well on my way in the New Year!
Happy 2012!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Moving Here

Guest post written by my buddy Fidel Hernandez
Moving into this new house means we’ve had to do a lot of work to make it perfect. There have definitely been times when I thought we bit off more than we can chew both in terms of renovations and in the money it’s going to cost to do them – that’s why I was really struggling for the last few months. Money has been tight around here and from dish tv to the trash pickup we’ve been reevaluating everything to make sure we’re not overpaying in any one area. I’ve been working with a financial planner to put away what we need to but you know, at the end of the day there’s something to be said for putting all your eggs in one basket. I know it sounds risky but this way at least we have tons of responsibility to this one house and that’s where we need to put the bulk of our energy. I can’t imagine us doing anything else with this money so I’m okay with it!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Running Shoes...and 7miles...

I actually ran 7miles today in my training for the half-marathon training and amazingly i finished.
I continue to be proud of my body, my mind and myself.
I continue to wish me many many more miles.

One of the most important thing you can have for your run is definitely running shoes. 
I have heard many stories about how many shoes you should go through.
But i am still NOT sure.

Currently i have three pairs of runnings shoes. Two i use for my weekday runs. And one i safe for my weekend long runs.  I probably need to get another pair for the long runs just to give it a break.
Can you have too many shoes...

How many shoes do you have for running?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Instead of drinking a protein shake,
eating salad, 
and drinking lots of water...
i would rather be eating these:

But of course these are just my:

This week, there are two 4milers, a 2miler and a 5k!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Body is Stronger

Seriously ladies, thank you for your lovely comments from the last post.

We did 6 miles over the weekend and it was fantastic! 
 My body is getting stronger and stronger everyday.
The lung capacity is expanding...
I have several challenges including going to BED EARLIER...
 But truly this is a journey and i am getting there daily.

The poster below says it all on where i am in my training...
i don't stop when i am tired,
 i stop when i am done!

Thanks for sharing in my journey.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brain don't give up on my Body!

The beauty of training for a half marathon is that it makes you intense about your workouts.
I am liking Hal Higdon..he doesn't much you too much which i REALLY really like!

I continue to push my self and honestly..pain is all in your mind..its not about whether your body is tired but about your mind thinking your body is tired! More than training my body to actually run longer and longer distances..I AM TRAINING MY BRAIN!!!

I am training my brain to think first and not my body...i am training my brain NOT to give up on my body.
It's hard work but i think is a necessity while i am training.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 Miles Baby!!

Today was a long for my running group and i.   
We did it. 
And you know what i FEEL GREAT!!!
There were a few times i felt like giving up but then i remembered..
my body was NOT tired...and i kept pushing through it.  

This is probably the best i have felt since i started training for this half-marathon.
This was our third Saturday run.
Like the hubby says, training is a commitment and i have committed wholeheartedly!
Honestly, i know it's only going to get hard from here but i feel fantastic!
And today made me realize i can do this..
5miles baby..
Here is to more awesome miles ahead!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Treatment is Important

Recently i went to a training about substance abuse. Substance abuse is real and affects the life of many people on a regular basis. One thing they said that stuck with me was that people will turn to drug abuse if they are not connected to something. Another thing that stuck with me was when they discussed different drug abuse rehab programs. They talked about one of the important things about treatment being a focus on something else that can be stronger than drugs. Something that the person can connect to that is bigger than the drugs. A drug rehab center works because individuals are plugged into something like a fitness/health program. There was one individual that hit rock bottom however after getting involved in working out and taking care of himself...drug usage was not as strong. All addictions are real but rehab works for those that can become invested in their health and fitness! Those that can become connected to something stronger! health and fitness is not a bad thing to be connected to!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 Week Training

I am currently doing the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Program for Novice.
Has anyone heard of him or used him?

We are currently on week 1...we started Saturday.
Sunday is a rest day then we begin Monday.

Here is how it goes:

Stretch &
3 m run
2 m run or cross
3 m run +
30 min
4 m run
Stretch &
3 m run
2 m run or cross
3 m run +
30 min
4 m run
Stretch &
3.5 m run
2 m run or cross
3.5 m run +
40 min
5 m run
Stretch &
3.5 m run
2 m run or cross
3.5 m run +
40 min
5 m run
Stretch &
4 m run
2 m run or cross
4 m run +
40 min
6 m run
Stretch &
4 m run
2 m run or cross
4 m run +
Rest or easy run
5-K Race
Stretch &
4.5 m run
3 m run or cross
4.5 m run +
50 min
7 m run
Stretch &
4.5 m run
3 m run or cross
4.5 m run +
50 min
8 m run
Stretch &
5 m run
3 m run or cross
5 m run +
Rest or easy run
10-K Race
Stretch &
5 m run
3 m run or cross
5 m run +
60 min cross
9 m run
Stretch &
5 m run
3 m run or cross
5 m run +
60 min cross
10 m run
Stretch &
4 m run
3 m run or cross
2 m run
Half Marathon

I am beyond excited.  We did pretty well on our 4mile run. The only thing was my knee was hurting.
So of course i am having to slow down and re-evaluate my eating.  At some point, i have to come to realization that IF i want my body to work for me and with me...i need to TAKE CARE of my body.

As i was driving home last hit me that if i put garbage in my body...ONLY garbage will come out!  Therefore, i am also committed to fueling my body with good and healthy things.
I wouldn't put chocolate bars in my car when all it needs is gas would i? Probably not!
That's when it hit me...why would i put chocolate/other bad stuff in my body when it's NOT going to help my body do what it's supposed to?

Epiphany....again...but this time it's real because it's important.

What trainings have you tried?

Monday, October 31, 2011


Am i crazy to think i can run a half marathon?

This weekend, we did a 5K and it was a disaster.  We got there late. And so we thought we would run it anyway and we did! But we didn't realize until it was too late that we had missed a mile of the entire course.  Needless to say maybe we ran a 2.5mile run.  So to make it up to my friend, who runs half marathons, i told her i would do a half marathon with her. 

But now i am panicking.  Can i do this? Am i crazy?

But i have done a 5k on the treadmill in 33minutes.  I did a 10K a few years ago.  Okay maybe like four years ago.  And i bearly made in 1hr 15mins.  I am sure i can do a half marathon.

Why not right? Like my husband says, i can do a walk-run.  although i have never been a huge fan of the walk-run, always thought it was cheating...i could do that and make it through!

I can always just continue my training regiment, kick it up a notch and like Nike said so well, "Just Do It!"

What do you think? Am i going bonkers to think i can go from a 3.1k to a 13.1094K....?
Have you done a half-marathon before and if yes, what training regiment did you use?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yoga Pants

I am eithwr in track and or yoga pants. We all know we live in our yoga pants! I know I do. If you know me, my sister lives in Canada and they have a store there that sells the best yoga pants in the world! So I was excited when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday and of course I said "those pants!" Imagine my surprise when I received a package in the mail. My sister sent me a package with yoga pants which was awesome! I was overjoyed when I opened the box to find the best kind of yoga pants! I had no idea the postal service even had comparison shopping and she was able to get me pants that I will for sure be living in..this weekend and throughout the week! You should check them out and if you need to send a great gift...this might be an awesome way!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Online Purchases

Life can be busy sometiems and i cannot find times to the pharmacy and or the store for my vitamins and other pills.  And was i glad when i came across this amazing website called Canada Drug Center. 
It's a website that allows you to order all types of medication.  They have all types of medications incuding popular brands, generic, required and OTC-over the counter. All medications are dispensed from a fully licensed pharmacy.  They guarantee each medication to be authentic. 

There are medications like flomax which is affordable and convenience.  You can buy floxmax, evista.  Usually an expensive medication but is affordable on the website. You can also buy actos.  Another very expensive drug but i found to be affordable when i purchased the generic brand.
It's important we share these awesome finds with one another so as to help each other save money whereever we are.  After all, life is too busy sometimes.

Car Payments

Thanks to Roman May

Today I made my last car payment! It has been a long five years, but I have finally done it. Having an extra $350 dollars every month is certainly going to help! Now the only monthly bills I have to pay are rent, home alarm service, electricity, cable, and water. I just do not know what I am going to do with all of the extra money that I will have left over each month. I think that I am going to try and save it. I do know one thing though, I will probably drive my car ( finally mine and not the banks!) until the wheels fall off and it just will not run anymore. I really have never worked so hard to pay off something. I am so proud that I have worked so hard and finally have something big to show for it. Knowing that you have the title in your file cabinet and the show “RePo” can never show up in your driveway and take your wheels, makes you feel awesome!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Personal Training

I have decided to add a personal training session to my weekly workouts.
I continue to work on the eating.
But i wanted to add a personal training session just to see how it will add to my overall fitness.
For some reason, i always seem to work out more intensely when there is someone else there.
So here is to working out with someone else.

Have you found that adding personal training is helpful to your workout routine?

If you are interested i am working out with a trainer from Athletes4life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sore-ness and the Recovery!

So i have been working out as regularly as i can. 
However most times at the end of my workouts, i skip out on doing abs!
And this week i paid for it in a big way!
Through SORE-ness!

I had an awesome kick-boxing session on Monday. 
I was skipping up a storm for my warm-up. 
And the actual boxing part was great. 
I went for three rounds at two hundred punches each round. I was winded. 
My heart was pumping.  In the end, i felt GREAT. 
But i was SORE!!!!

And then a few days later, i did abs, which i have been skipping out as of late because i am always rushing at the end of my workouts!  And again because i did it so intensely, i am still feeling the effects of my ab workout! 

Usually pre and post workouts,
i do drink something including glutemin
and or some kind of recovery drink.  Most of the time, it works great. 
 But just sometimes, i miss the cut-off point
 and i end up feeling the SORE-ness in such a bad way!

So the moral of this blog is it's important to:
1. Incorporate abs into my regular workout programs
2. Take recovery drink immediately following workouts

How do you deal with sore-ness after workouts?

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Stats

So here is keeping myself accountable.

I went to a doctor's appointment recently and they informed me that i weight: 158lbs.
The husband says muscles weigh more than fat and i hear that. 
But the number scares me a little.
This means when i become pregnant and gain maximum 40lbs, i will be close to 198lbs!

But i am motivated right?
And I am giving myself a chance.

So here are my stats:

Age: 32 (almost anyway)
Height: 5'2
Weight: 158lbs
Thighs: 26inches
Hip: 42 inches
Waist: 35 inches
Breast: 35 inches
Arm: 13 inches


This makes me feel REAL vulnerable so i am motivated to change my lifestyle!
What motivated you to change your lifestyle?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Challenging Myself...

This week i definitely pumped myself up and i was able to do very well with my running and eating.  Sure i had a few mishaps at a friend's birthday party and a work training, however overall, it was a good week.  A back on the back.

Working out was also excellent i must say.  I ran at 5.5miles for 25 minutes at 10.45pace.  Everytime i believe i can't.   I can and i did.  Everytime i didn't want to get up, i did and i ran.  Everytime i didn't want to run, i ran and enjoyed it.  It burned and i loved my body because it did what i thought was impossible.

I am learning that my body won't give up on me during my run unless i give up on myself first.

In stretching my back today i was able to do this (which i haven't been able to do in AGES!):

And then this:

And now i am practicing this pose (although my arms won't be that straight as of yet):

I have a renewed interest in my health which i am excited about.
 If i treat my body good, it will treat me good in turn!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Give Yourself a Chance...i said to myself!

I have not really been giving myself a chance to be successful at losing weight!
I eat most of the time well however i do have my moments where i CHEAT!
 Usually i am cheating with snacks that i am eating.
 Instead of having one granola bar, i will have two.
Instead of just eating my prepared lunch, i will munch on other food around the office.
Or i just overeat because i am just greedy!
All of this tells me that i am not giving myself a chance to actually lose weight.

Therefore, this weekend i said to myself, "self...give yourself a chance!"
This is definitely going to be my new mantra.
I am going to give myself a chance...

a) to be healthy
b) to be strong
c) to have the body that i want
d) to be light on my feet
e) to be able to run 30-minutes at 5.5miles again because i can
f) to wear a bikini next year and feel sexy
g) to get my body ready for mommy-hood
h) to feel good in mind, body and spirit
i) to become a better business partner with the hubster

I am going to give myself a chance once a day for the rest of the month.
I am going to treat myself good every single day. And hopefully everything will fall into place.

To keep myself accountable, i will be writing my meals down on a white board and keeping track of my workout schedule on a calendar.  All in the hopes of giving myself a chance to succeed at being healthy.
You would think it's easy but the mind is such a powerful thing which i need to get some control over!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do's & Don'ts @ the Gym...

There is something called Gym Etiquette.  And i wish i would have reminded the people at the gym today!
I was so annoyed and wanted to share a few do's and don'ts the fellow gym members (not that they read my blog).


1. Talk about religion, politics and sex (LOUDLY)
2. Play Fitness Instructor
3. Bring your cellular phone into the gym
4. Bang the weights and or the machines
5. Play your ipod without your earbuds!
6. Wipe your armpits and private areas infront of others
7. Groan loudly
8. Hog the equipment
9. Work out when you are SICK!


1. Wipe off the machines
2. Keep your voice at a reasonable level
3. Return what you use
4. Be courteous and friendly
5. Work Out Already!
6. Return equipment to it's right location
7. Do Cover cuts and scrapes
8. Wipe out your sweat
9. Respect personal space

Ladies, please pass this on and stop the RUDE people at the gym!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Really You Want Me to Believe That Tt Works?

So i love Brooke Burke!  Who wouldn't, she is adorable

She comes across as a very genuine individual in her role as a mother of four, wife, business woman (check out Modern Mom, an amazing website for mothers) and fit woman.  And i found her very believable until i started seeing her commercials for Skechers.

Is she really trying to sell me on the fact that she works on her fitness by wearing these?

Really Brooke and Skechers?

Now i know most celebrities do not wear the shape ups to work on their fitness.  But most regular people do believe they work and will go and purchase them.  Honestly, i think it is a waste of money and probably hurts your ankle and back the longer you wear them.

I wish celebrities like Brooke Burke and companies like Skechers would endorse the good ol' fashion sweating your butt off in the gym and eating the right foods to remain healthy and fit! But then of course, they wouldn't  make money.

Ladies and men, stay away from the commercialization of fitness and hit the gym HARD!

But just for kicks, here are a few of the commercials showing us how to stay in shape in shape-ups!
What a joke!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a confession to make, whenever i can't get to the gym, i slip into my DVD player, an old Billy Blanks cd and just go at it! I go hard or go home. I have been using his DVDs for years.

Not consistently of course but for years, he has been my go-to man for fitness whenever i can't get to the gym.  It's effective, efficient and fun! 

Whenever i do it consistently for a month, i notice a change.  So here is to more and more change!

Here is a little preview! You can find them all on youtube! 

How about you, do you have an exercise dvd that you dust off once in a while?

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Workout Outfits!!

Here are some new items i got for working out.  

There is nothing better than new workout clothes!

Always a great motivator:-)

                                                                        Pink Tank

Another Sports bra

Running dri-fit shirt

Dri-fit hoodie!

Dri-fit pants!

Have you purchased anything lately that got you excited about working out?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Doing @ Home...

When i am unable to go to the gym and or need a little extra workout session, i use a DVD.  The one i have been using recently is called The FRIM....transFIRM your trouble zones.  Cheesy right but it seems effective.

All i need is my DVD player, the DVD and the 5lbs kettle bell.

Your instructor is Kelsie Daniels, apparently she is a master instructor.  The workout is supposed to tighten your abs and sculpt your entire body.  You will swing the Kettleball like a pendulum.

DVD includes:
45-minute complete workout
20-minute Express workout
Learn the moves

Bonus 8-minute Core Workout: strong abs and back

Equipment: The Firm 5lbs kettleball with a good grip

Apparently the FIRM has been around for a long time.  It combines weight training with cardio in a unique, effective way to help develop the body you've always wanted.

So far, i love it! It is definitely challenging but i am hoping that it will help me to sculpt certain parts of my body.

I would totally check it out if i were you!

These are some of the moves.

What are some of your at-home workout techniques?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Snacks Anyone...

I wanted to share some of my snacking history because i wanted to steal other snacking options!

Here is a brief history of my snacking...

A long time ago, I started with popcorn! Yum...the more butter the better!

Then i moved onto almonds. 
I used to eat them so much, my co-workers thought i would turn into an almond!

I am currently in love with trail mix (tex mex from Target)! I am in love with everything about it.  And it has some paprika which is awesome! It properly has a little too much sodium but i am eating it in moderation!

What are you snacking on lately? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mel B Inspiration!

Someday soon i want to become pregnant.  however before that...i want my body to become somewhat like this:

Her abs, legs, thighs, arms, back, she looks amazing!
It's definitely a combination of hard work and the right eating!

I am determined because at the end of the day, no one wants to feel like a sloth!this is not working!

My measurements are coming soon! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrate Your Flawless-ness!

I am of course dealing with body issues on a regular basis.  
When i saw this commercial from Fruit of Loom, 
i couldn't help but smile and be thankful for companies that celebrate women and all their perfections and imperfections!

I hope it makes you smile too!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Weigh or Not to Weigh...

I initially started this blog in the hopes of sharing everyone my weight loss in actual numbers and pictures.  But now i might be chickening out! Not because i am embarrassed but because i worry about becoming obsessed with the number and not necessarily the need to become healthy and strong.  Isn't that the most important thing anyway?!

I don't even own a scale so i am not even sure how i was supposed to weigh myself regularly.  The gym has a scale however i never really know how well that thing really works.  As i am contemplating this predicament of to weigh or not to weigh...

i am asking, how many of you have a scale? 
And how often do you weight yourself anyway?

I love this picture because this is how i feel sometimes!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking Care of My Body..

Last night i had an epiphany as i was going to bed.  But let's rewind before my epiphany!

My husband and i went to a picnic with my father-in-law and some other friends and family.  At a picnic, there is always food.  Lots of ribs, bbq chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, fruit, salad, green beans, chips, and drinks.  As you can see, there was a lot of food.  And since i have been going without meat during the week, i am allowing myself to eat meat during the weekend.  Going without meat was nearly impossible so quickly so i am doing it gradually. 

As my story goes on, i had some bbq chicken, salad and green beans and a pepsi to start.  Then of course, i decided i was still hungry and went for some hot dog in the most delicious bun i had ever tasted.  It was soft and gooey and just melted in your mouth also.  After that, i wanted to taste some of the ribs so i went for some.  With a side  of hamburger bun.  Of course, why not, a Rib Hamburger! That was delicious!
My husband on the other hand did not want another plate because he was FULL! The concept of being FULL did not even cross my mind (maybe briefly) but the idea of tasting everything that was delicious over took me and i continued to eat. After the picnic, of course i was full and uncomfortable.

Fast forward six or seven hours later.  We are at home, watching a movie and the husband is munching on some tostitos.  Mind you, i just had a McCafe fruit shake so i should be fine.  But the knowledge that the tostitos are delicious lures me into eating some.  My husband, ever the loving husband he is, gives me a look but doesn't say anything. 

After i ate to my satisfaction, i felt disgusted!  My body did not feel good because i was way too full! And it just felt uncomfortable.  Of course, i had a mini nervous breakdown infront of my hubby who comforted me and said he will be more supportive and not eat snacks that would entice me.  But that's not the point, is it? I am a grown ass woman, i should be able to know when i am full.

This weight loss thing begins in the mind and nowhere else! If i am not strong in mind, i will not be strong in my decision making about food and eating!

So just after my prayers and before i drifted off to sleep, it hit me.  How can my body take care of me if i am not taking care of it? How can my body be strong and lean when all i feed it is junk and fat? 

It really all does start with Self-Love, the fact that i love myself enough to want to take care of my body!  This week's challenge is: before i eat anything to ask myself, "is this taking care of my body?"

Have you had any epiphanies recently about weight loss?

Friday, July 22, 2011

What You Need This Weekend...

Where ever you are today in the USA, you need two things:

Please ladies and gents, whether you are working or just relaxing with friends and family, keep hydrated!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh the shame...

Ladies, i had cake today! Oh the shame, shame, shame!

The workplace, well at least my workplace, is filled with ladies who like to cook and eat.  And once a month we have potlucks with themes.  This month's theme was red, white and blue in honor of  America's birthday--i know it's late but we are still in July. 

Needless to say there was a lot of food including vegetarian chilli, home fries (from yours truly), tortilla chips and sauce and lots of cake and cupcakes like strawberry shortcake, regular cake, all with loads and loads of icing.  One girl had the audacity to bring popsicles and whipcream.  The nerve.

I usually go into these days with lots of conviction that i will behave and make wise choices.  However, i failed and failed miserably.  I ate little bit of everything and a lot of cake!

I know, the shame, shame, shame! But at least i am still not eating meat.

Have you lost your will power to stay away from sweets this week or month or today?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Going Without Meat

How many of you have gone without meat?

Not to become a vegetarian but to go out without meat for a month just to see how things will go for me physically.  I wonder how my body will react without any beef or chicken.  I have always been a meat eater, always a meat eater.  I have never gone without any kind of meat for an extended amount of time.  Therefore, i wonder how my body will react?

Since meats are so high in calories, perhaps not eating meat for an extended amount of time may be good for me physically.  It can also make it harder for me to lose weight.  Therefore, not eating meat will help in my weight loss, right?

Proteins of course come from meats like chicken, however there are many other ways to receive protein, through plant based foods.  Therefore, i should be able to go without meat for a short amount of time without any difficulties.  After all, it is good for my body.

How about my fellow bloggers...have you gone without meat and did you find it healthier?