Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have several neighbors who SMOKE and this is so upsetting because as a new mother...i am very paranoid about everything.  Especially second hand smoke...we have all heard the stats that second hand smoking is the worse than actually smoking yourself.  So the thought that my baby will expose to this REALLY does upset me.

There are many alternatives to smoking and i so want to tell my neighbor to try some.  Chewing gum, exercising, eating their favorite popisicle...anything but smoking.  I sometimes wish people would take other people into consideration when they are smoking.  Especially other people when they are not your family member.

Anyway...i am seriously thinking about sharing my personal thoughts with this neighbor of mine?

What do you think...should i share some of these alternatives with my neighbor?
Have you ever heard of some of these alternatives?

Staying Healthy and Fit

I have a confession to make...since giving birth i have not done a good job of getting back into exercising and fitness.  It's really unfortunate but i do understand that it's going to take my body sometime to get back into gear.  Honestly i thought right after the baby...i would be able to get back into running and doing kickboxing like before.  After all, i did run a half marathon while of course i thought and still think i can do it all!

But i do have to give myself the time to heal and do what it's supposed to do.  After all having a baby is a pretty big ordeal on my body.  The other part of this too is that as i get older it's only going to mean i need to work harder to maintain healthy and fit.  It's NOT only about working out but eating healthy and clean and having a lifestyle that is good.

Also, if i am not healthy and fit then it will be difficult to get medicare supplemental insurance, which i have been thinking i want and need.  Of course i need something extra for myself and my newborn so that we are taken care of.

As i get older, i am reminded it's not only about being healthy and fit but ensuring i have certain things in place to maintain my health and  And I'm glad this is something i am learning.