Friday, September 23, 2011

My Stats

So here is keeping myself accountable.

I went to a doctor's appointment recently and they informed me that i weight: 158lbs.
The husband says muscles weigh more than fat and i hear that. 
But the number scares me a little.
This means when i become pregnant and gain maximum 40lbs, i will be close to 198lbs!

But i am motivated right?
And I am giving myself a chance.

So here are my stats:

Age: 32 (almost anyway)
Height: 5'2
Weight: 158lbs
Thighs: 26inches
Hip: 42 inches
Waist: 35 inches
Breast: 35 inches
Arm: 13 inches


This makes me feel REAL vulnerable so i am motivated to change my lifestyle!
What motivated you to change your lifestyle?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Challenging Myself...

This week i definitely pumped myself up and i was able to do very well with my running and eating.  Sure i had a few mishaps at a friend's birthday party and a work training, however overall, it was a good week.  A back on the back.

Working out was also excellent i must say.  I ran at 5.5miles for 25 minutes at 10.45pace.  Everytime i believe i can't.   I can and i did.  Everytime i didn't want to get up, i did and i ran.  Everytime i didn't want to run, i ran and enjoyed it.  It burned and i loved my body because it did what i thought was impossible.

I am learning that my body won't give up on me during my run unless i give up on myself first.

In stretching my back today i was able to do this (which i haven't been able to do in AGES!):

And then this:

And now i am practicing this pose (although my arms won't be that straight as of yet):

I have a renewed interest in my health which i am excited about.
 If i treat my body good, it will treat me good in turn!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Give Yourself a Chance...i said to myself!

I have not really been giving myself a chance to be successful at losing weight!
I eat most of the time well however i do have my moments where i CHEAT!
 Usually i am cheating with snacks that i am eating.
 Instead of having one granola bar, i will have two.
Instead of just eating my prepared lunch, i will munch on other food around the office.
Or i just overeat because i am just greedy!
All of this tells me that i am not giving myself a chance to actually lose weight.

Therefore, this weekend i said to myself, "self...give yourself a chance!"
This is definitely going to be my new mantra.
I am going to give myself a chance...

a) to be healthy
b) to be strong
c) to have the body that i want
d) to be light on my feet
e) to be able to run 30-minutes at 5.5miles again because i can
f) to wear a bikini next year and feel sexy
g) to get my body ready for mommy-hood
h) to feel good in mind, body and spirit
i) to become a better business partner with the hubster

I am going to give myself a chance once a day for the rest of the month.
I am going to treat myself good every single day. And hopefully everything will fall into place.

To keep myself accountable, i will be writing my meals down on a white board and keeping track of my workout schedule on a calendar.  All in the hopes of giving myself a chance to succeed at being healthy.
You would think it's easy but the mind is such a powerful thing which i need to get some control over!