Monday, September 5, 2011

Give Yourself a Chance...i said to myself!

I have not really been giving myself a chance to be successful at losing weight!
I eat most of the time well however i do have my moments where i CHEAT!
 Usually i am cheating with snacks that i am eating.
 Instead of having one granola bar, i will have two.
Instead of just eating my prepared lunch, i will munch on other food around the office.
Or i just overeat because i am just greedy!
All of this tells me that i am not giving myself a chance to actually lose weight.

Therefore, this weekend i said to myself, "self...give yourself a chance!"
This is definitely going to be my new mantra.
I am going to give myself a chance...

a) to be healthy
b) to be strong
c) to have the body that i want
d) to be light on my feet
e) to be able to run 30-minutes at 5.5miles again because i can
f) to wear a bikini next year and feel sexy
g) to get my body ready for mommy-hood
h) to feel good in mind, body and spirit
i) to become a better business partner with the hubster

I am going to give myself a chance once a day for the rest of the month.
I am going to treat myself good every single day. And hopefully everything will fall into place.

To keep myself accountable, i will be writing my meals down on a white board and keeping track of my workout schedule on a calendar.  All in the hopes of giving myself a chance to succeed at being healthy.
You would think it's easy but the mind is such a powerful thing which i need to get some control over!


i_amEatingRight said...

Great post!

Christy Lee said...

I'm so glad you are finally ready to give yourself that chance! You CAN and will do this! Stay strong, and's OK to cheat sometimes! Stay strong and happy! Visiting you from the voiceBoks Meaningful Monday Hop! Have a great week!

Lisa said...

Love this post! I have struggled with weight since high school and you are so right! I too need to give myself a chance! Good for you for committing to it!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Meaningful Monday Blog Hop! :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

This is great! I use LoseIt to track all of my food and it really makes me think twice about snacking or eating badly. OR it makes me decide that I WILL go for that run today after all! I think just being more conscientious of what you are putting in your mouth and what exercises you are doing to balance that is a great start! It sounds like you have the foundation, now just build the house!

I'm visiting from Fitness Friday!

Holly from Leaps of Faith said...

Thanks for sharing! As women, especially, we need to give ourselves a chance and believe {know in our hearts} that we can ____! Good luck to've got it girl!

Elle said...

Good for you!

Writing out your food plan for the day is an excellend idea. Make all the decsions once, and then just follow it.

This makes me think of that old Beatle's song, with a twist... All I am saying... is give ME a chance!

Go girl!

AnMiSu said...

You've got to keep thinking it as treating, instead of cheating. And it's totally allowed. Just not too much too often.

I found you from the Fitness Friday blog hop.

Amy said...

Love your post! Giving yourself a chance is SO important! You can do it!

Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

Thank you, I really needed to hear this, too!

Elle said...

Awesome, great read and some really good ideas.