Monday, October 31, 2011


Am i crazy to think i can run a half marathon?

This weekend, we did a 5K and it was a disaster.  We got there late. And so we thought we would run it anyway and we did! But we didn't realize until it was too late that we had missed a mile of the entire course.  Needless to say maybe we ran a 2.5mile run.  So to make it up to my friend, who runs half marathons, i told her i would do a half marathon with her. 

But now i am panicking.  Can i do this? Am i crazy?

But i have done a 5k on the treadmill in 33minutes.  I did a 10K a few years ago.  Okay maybe like four years ago.  And i bearly made in 1hr 15mins.  I am sure i can do a half marathon.

Why not right? Like my husband says, i can do a walk-run.  although i have never been a huge fan of the walk-run, always thought it was cheating...i could do that and make it through!

I can always just continue my training regiment, kick it up a notch and like Nike said so well, "Just Do It!"

What do you think? Am i going bonkers to think i can go from a 3.1k to a 13.1094K....?
Have you done a half-marathon before and if yes, what training regiment did you use?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yoga Pants

I am eithwr in track and or yoga pants. We all know we live in our yoga pants! I know I do. If you know me, my sister lives in Canada and they have a store there that sells the best yoga pants in the world! So I was excited when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday and of course I said "those pants!" Imagine my surprise when I received a package in the mail. My sister sent me a package with yoga pants which was awesome! I was overjoyed when I opened the box to find the best kind of yoga pants! I had no idea the postal service even had comparison shopping and she was able to get me pants that I will for sure be living in..this weekend and throughout the week! You should check them out and if you need to send a great gift...this might be an awesome way!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Online Purchases

Life can be busy sometiems and i cannot find times to the pharmacy and or the store for my vitamins and other pills.  And was i glad when i came across this amazing website called Canada Drug Center. 
It's a website that allows you to order all types of medication.  They have all types of medications incuding popular brands, generic, required and OTC-over the counter. All medications are dispensed from a fully licensed pharmacy.  They guarantee each medication to be authentic. 

There are medications like flomax which is affordable and convenience.  You can buy floxmax, evista.  Usually an expensive medication but is affordable on the website. You can also buy actos.  Another very expensive drug but i found to be affordable when i purchased the generic brand.
It's important we share these awesome finds with one another so as to help each other save money whereever we are.  After all, life is too busy sometimes.

Car Payments

Thanks to Roman May

Today I made my last car payment! It has been a long five years, but I have finally done it. Having an extra $350 dollars every month is certainly going to help! Now the only monthly bills I have to pay are rent, home alarm service, electricity, cable, and water. I just do not know what I am going to do with all of the extra money that I will have left over each month. I think that I am going to try and save it. I do know one thing though, I will probably drive my car ( finally mine and not the banks!) until the wheels fall off and it just will not run anymore. I really have never worked so hard to pay off something. I am so proud that I have worked so hard and finally have something big to show for it. Knowing that you have the title in your file cabinet and the show “RePo” can never show up in your driveway and take your wheels, makes you feel awesome!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Personal Training

I have decided to add a personal training session to my weekly workouts.
I continue to work on the eating.
But i wanted to add a personal training session just to see how it will add to my overall fitness.
For some reason, i always seem to work out more intensely when there is someone else there.
So here is to working out with someone else.

Have you found that adding personal training is helpful to your workout routine?

If you are interested i am working out with a trainer from Athletes4life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sore-ness and the Recovery!

So i have been working out as regularly as i can. 
However most times at the end of my workouts, i skip out on doing abs!
And this week i paid for it in a big way!
Through SORE-ness!

I had an awesome kick-boxing session on Monday. 
I was skipping up a storm for my warm-up. 
And the actual boxing part was great. 
I went for three rounds at two hundred punches each round. I was winded. 
My heart was pumping.  In the end, i felt GREAT. 
But i was SORE!!!!

And then a few days later, i did abs, which i have been skipping out as of late because i am always rushing at the end of my workouts!  And again because i did it so intensely, i am still feeling the effects of my ab workout! 

Usually pre and post workouts,
i do drink something including glutemin
and or some kind of recovery drink.  Most of the time, it works great. 
 But just sometimes, i miss the cut-off point
 and i end up feeling the SORE-ness in such a bad way!

So the moral of this blog is it's important to:
1. Incorporate abs into my regular workout programs
2. Take recovery drink immediately following workouts

How do you deal with sore-ness after workouts?