Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sore-ness and the Recovery!

So i have been working out as regularly as i can. 
However most times at the end of my workouts, i skip out on doing abs!
And this week i paid for it in a big way!
Through SORE-ness!

I had an awesome kick-boxing session on Monday. 
I was skipping up a storm for my warm-up. 
And the actual boxing part was great. 
I went for three rounds at two hundred punches each round. I was winded. 
My heart was pumping.  In the end, i felt GREAT. 
But i was SORE!!!!

And then a few days later, i did abs, which i have been skipping out as of late because i am always rushing at the end of my workouts!  And again because i did it so intensely, i am still feeling the effects of my ab workout! 

Usually pre and post workouts,
i do drink something including glutemin
and or some kind of recovery drink.  Most of the time, it works great. 
 But just sometimes, i miss the cut-off point
 and i end up feeling the SORE-ness in such a bad way!

So the moral of this blog is it's important to:
1. Incorporate abs into my regular workout programs
2. Take recovery drink immediately following workouts

How do you deal with sore-ness after workouts?


Jane said...

Great workout! I miss boxing so much, it was one of my favourite things to do at the gym. I will have to get the hubby involved and help me with it.

I workout from home now which includes my vibration platform. I just jump on it for 10 mins after a workout and stretch while I am on there - I rarely get sore anymore, in fact the only time I have been sore is when I have forgotten to use it.

I have only been following you for a little while, but I am really enjoying your blog :)

Amy said...

Soreness? It depends on how sore. I have done everything from just getting up and moving on to laying on the couch because it hurts to move!

XLMIC said...

I deal with soreness in a few ways... one is to lie around :P The others are: get a massage, get moving in some easy fashion (easy biking, walking, running slow), I foam roll, I use my Stick.

I need to do ab work BIG time!

LoveFitnessLaugh said...

i know the ab work gets lost in transition sometimes!