Friday, February 24, 2012

Fighting Drug Abuse

Recently i went to a training about substance abuse. Substance abuse is real and affects the life of many people on a regular basis. One thing they said that stuck with me was that people will turn to drug abuse if they are not connected to something. Another thing that stuck with me was when they discussed different Atlanta alcohol rehab programs. 

They talked about one of the important things about treatment being a focus on something else that can be stronger than alcohol.  Atlanta Drug Rehab should be a way for many people to engage others that could possibly be safe their lives Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers works because individuals are plugged into something like a fitness/health program. 

There was one individual that hit rock bottom however after getting involved in working out and taking care of himself...drug usage was not as strong. All addictions are real but rehab works for those that can become invested in their health and fitness! Those that can become connected to something stronger! health and fitness is not a bad thing to be connected to. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy:

I should have never let my daughter watch the local channel on Direct TV Sunnyvale where they advertise all of the animals that are in the shelter.  She has been dying to get a dog.  Luckily, i have been able to steer her away from a pet, but she has gotten more set on a geting a dog lately since she has been watching all of the cute dogs at the shelter.  

She just can't get enough of them.  Everyday, she wants a new one.  I personally don't want a dog because i don't think that she will be able to take care of it once the "newness" weas off.  I think that i would be the one who woudl end up having to take care of a dog if we got one.

I don't think that she realizes how much work is involved in having a pet.  You have to bathe it, feed it, and walk it everyday.  You also ahve to clean up after it, if you know what i mean!  That is a lot of work! I am going to fight the dog "wants" for as long as i can, but honestly, i don't think that i am going to be able to hold out much longer.