Monday, September 16, 2013

Coupons for Supplements

For the longest time, people have avoided supplements because of some of the perceived dangers that come with them. Things are changing, though, and more people are willing to give supplements a try. This is mostly because modern supplements are tested extensively, and they're shown to be quite safe. With the safety issue mostly out of the way, modern buyers are able to grow their muscles and maintain mass by turning to great supplements.

Affordable supplements draw a wider group of buyers.  Supplements have been expensive the past, and this limits the number of people who can afford to use them. Many people find supplement coupons at and other sites, and this makes the entire process that much more affordable. For a few dollars each week, individuals are able to get the most out of their body.

Muscle growth that's healthy and natural.  There are lots of reasons why people would want to increase muscle mass, but many are not willing to do so unless it's safe. With the right supplements, muscle growth is a natural process. The supplements simply help the body do what it would otherwise do. For people willing to put in some hard work in the gym, these substances can safely repair muscles and cause them to grow more quickly.

Supplements continue to get cheaper, and with modern technology being what it is, they're getting safer, too. More people are taking advantage than ever before, maximizing the results that would otherwise accompany their hard work.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vitamins for Babies

It's been almost nine months since i had my little munchkin 
and i cant believe how quickly time is passing by. 
He is definitely growing like a weed and i feel so blessed. 
 Having kids bring up so many different things you have to consider including what daycare/school they should attend, what activists they should be involved,
 should they eat organic food to what vitamins they should have. 
One of the things that we were forced to make a decision

On was vitamins. We had to give him vitamin D because most babies and truth be told including adults require some vitamin D since most of us do not get enough sun to satisfy our daily intake. Anywho we have yet to think of other vitamins to give our son but I've been thinking of other ways to give him in the liquid form or the gel form.  

It's amazing all the decisions that we have to make as a parent...none of the decisions are easy.  As long as our baby is happy is all that matters in the end...

It is difficult to come across companies that offer vitamins 
for children however recently i came across one.  

I liked that Nature's Plus The Energy Supplement has different types of vitamins including Nature's Plus Animal Parade children's vitamins which i would really like to try. 
 And when i find something I like for my little man I am all for trying it out.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Weight...

So I know I need to lose my baby weight.
We are entering into month 6 of my baby's birthday
and I am still far far away from getting back to my prebaby weight.
I mean before Baby, I was running, weight training and so focused on my goals. 
 Now that I've had the baby, I'm not as focused as I can be. 
 And I've been trying to get focused
but it hasn't come as naturally as I wanted it too. 
 And I am trying to get back on track.   
And I've tried different things and so finally
 I decided maybe if I can't exercise the way I used too...
maybe I need to start eating appropriately. 
 One of the things I have been thinking about as of late are smoothies. 
I mean who doesn't love a smoothie. 
And I know it will be hard work but I do know
 that this will be the right way for me to get back to my prebaby weight!
I think the biggest challenge for doing smoothies is time and effort
but I do think I am important and need to take time
 and effort for myself. Making a smoothie
with good nutrients like calcium pyruvate will be good for me. 
And will make me feel healthy and strong and back to myself. 
 One day at a time to lose the baby weight and I am excited.
Here goes...I will be the Smoothie Queen!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Health Body..

Since having this baby...i want my body back the way it used to be.
I want it stronger and healthier...
I want to be able to return to before when my body was strong and powerful.
Right's not so strong.

 My body is getting stronger and stronger everyday.
The lung capacity is expanding...
I have several challenges including going to BED EARLIER...
 But truly this is a journey and i am getting there daily.

I have tried a few new supplements and I have to be careful with
what I use because I am still breastfeeding.

I recently came across supplements for military and I am excited to try it
maybe after I am done breastfeeding although i did read that it was safe and appropriate.
They have all different kinds and it's supposed to give you energy, stamina, endurance and focus.
Which are all attributes I can definitely use to be the best mom ever!