Monday, May 27, 2013

Vitamins for Babies

It's been almost nine months since i had my little munchkin 
and i cant believe how quickly time is passing by. 
He is definitely growing like a weed and i feel so blessed. 
 Having kids bring up so many different things you have to consider including what daycare/school they should attend, what activists they should be involved,
 should they eat organic food to what vitamins they should have. 
One of the things that we were forced to make a decision

On was vitamins. We had to give him vitamin D because most babies and truth be told including adults require some vitamin D since most of us do not get enough sun to satisfy our daily intake. Anywho we have yet to think of other vitamins to give our son but I've been thinking of other ways to give him in the liquid form or the gel form.  

It's amazing all the decisions that we have to make as a parent...none of the decisions are easy.  As long as our baby is happy is all that matters in the end...

It is difficult to come across companies that offer vitamins 
for children however recently i came across one.  

I liked that Nature's Plus The Energy Supplement has different types of vitamins including Nature's Plus Animal Parade children's vitamins which i would really like to try. 
 And when i find something I like for my little man I am all for trying it out.

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