Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's Goal!

Step 1:

I love food--chicken, rice, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, popcorn, anything caramel
but...I should love my body more!
And being healthy is something i will learn to appreciate.

In starting a fitness business where i ame not the fit person (the husband is), i am challenging myself to start changing my mind-set.  Being healthy is definitely a mindset.  And in order to merge social work concepts and fitness, i definitely need to change my mind!  The only way i will be able to help others is to live these new ideas hence step 1.

Hubby is a personal trainer, former college football player and generally an active individual!  Since we've been together and married, he has never forced me to become fit.  He is always encouraging but never forceful or degrading.  Mind you i am not "phat" but i could stand to be a little more healthier.  I could stand to lose my love for food...well maybe bad foods like the ones i mentioned above.

Therefore, Step 1 before we even get to fitness is to begin changing my mindset: I love food but i should (will) love my body more in order to be most healthy!

Today's Goal is to remind myself at all times that although i love food, i will love my body being healthy even more!


KarmaKristin said...

Found you through the blog hop..Love ur blog I am following!!

Mila said...

I am still trying to convince myself that I love my body more than food, but so far food is still winning this argument. LOL.

I wish you the best of luck in your goals. Seems you have a pretty cheering section (husband) to support you to the finish line.

Mila from

Marlee said...

This is a great goal! I'm a grad student studying nutritional counseling, and you're on the right track!

I found you at the Hop Along Friday Blog Hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).

Sarah said...

It's so hard to get through cravings - that's my biggest weakness is understanding that cravings are just transient, and it's the weight that sticks around. But, I think once you can break that cycle, you'll be SO much more healthier for it!

KaeliH said...

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