Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sharing the Number on the Scale

I feel pretty comfortable sharing my number on the scale.  However i wonder how this would make me accountable to my weight loss goals? 

In order to help others lose weight, i have to be transparent with pounds and kilos.  But i wonder how big the number on the scale should be in the issue of weight loss?  Does the scale make you accountable to lose more weight?

My philosophy is that loss of inches are important when losing weight.  As fat lessens in your body, muscle is built and muscle weights more than fat.  Therefore, someone could lose a lot of fat and gain muscle and the scale may not move.  The persons ends up more discouraged then not which defeats the positive energy that one needs to push themselves to continue working and sweating hard in order to lose the fat!

Therefore, in my effort to harbour positive energy, i will be encouraging future clients to be accountable to themselves and the energy they put into losing inches.  Inches may not show up on the scale in decreased numbers (at all times) however inches does mean fat lost!

For some, the instant gratification of seeing the number on the scale decrease is significant.  However the number on the scale should not be the sole focus on their weight loss plan.  There needs to be attention paid to loss of inches which translates into health and wellness.

People, including myself, should be accoutable to their health and wellness more so than the number on the scale.  But for those of you who like instant gratification:

Current weight: 155lbs. 
Ideal Weight: 125. 
Target Time: One Year.

  However, I will be calculating my inches as well in a few weeks.


Tiffany said...

Your current weight is my first goal weight... My ideal weight is 132. Good Luck!! I will follow you on your journey!

Laura Lowe said...

Yep, you and I are currently about 5 pounds apart, and my goal is similar! I'll follow you along as well!

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Danyale N. said...

I'm following your blog back from Alexa Blog Hop Please Follow me back Evoluchun's Miscellaneous

Melissa said...

Stopping by from the Alexa hop. Have a nice day!

Sara said...

Visiting from the alexa hop! Good luck reaching your target goal!

Wifey said...

I'm all about the inches, how my clothes fit and most importantly how I feel. Congrats on you new site. Looking forward to reading more.

Winks & Smiles,

Karima said...

Hi found your blog through wed linky, now google following, please pop by, Karima x
I am tracking my new regime on one of my blogs, I feel this will help motivate me! I too monitor my inches, not just my weight! I think some people don't realise the change in their body shape they focus mainly on the weight loss. I am not brave enough to share my actual weight, I am quite a tall person so the weight may sound a lot, but I have shared what I need to lose, Karima