Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Weight...

So I know I need to lose my baby weight.
We are entering into month 6 of my baby's birthday
and I am still far far away from getting back to my prebaby weight.
I mean before Baby, I was running, weight training and so focused on my goals. 
 Now that I've had the baby, I'm not as focused as I can be. 
 And I've been trying to get focused
but it hasn't come as naturally as I wanted it too. 
 And I am trying to get back on track.   
And I've tried different things and so finally
 I decided maybe if I can't exercise the way I used too...
maybe I need to start eating appropriately. 
 One of the things I have been thinking about as of late are smoothies. 
I mean who doesn't love a smoothie. 
And I know it will be hard work but I do know
 that this will be the right way for me to get back to my prebaby weight!
I think the biggest challenge for doing smoothies is time and effort
but I do think I am important and need to take time
 and effort for myself. Making a smoothie
with good nutrients like calcium pyruvate will be good for me. 
And will make me feel healthy and strong and back to myself. 
 One day at a time to lose the baby weight and I am excited.
Here goes...I will be the Smoothie Queen!!!