Thursday, August 25, 2011

Really You Want Me to Believe That Tt Works?

So i love Brooke Burke!  Who wouldn't, she is adorable

She comes across as a very genuine individual in her role as a mother of four, wife, business woman (check out Modern Mom, an amazing website for mothers) and fit woman.  And i found her very believable until i started seeing her commercials for Skechers.

Is she really trying to sell me on the fact that she works on her fitness by wearing these?

Really Brooke and Skechers?

Now i know most celebrities do not wear the shape ups to work on their fitness.  But most regular people do believe they work and will go and purchase them.  Honestly, i think it is a waste of money and probably hurts your ankle and back the longer you wear them.

I wish celebrities like Brooke Burke and companies like Skechers would endorse the good ol' fashion sweating your butt off in the gym and eating the right foods to remain healthy and fit! But then of course, they wouldn't  make money.

Ladies and men, stay away from the commercialization of fitness and hit the gym HARD!

But just for kicks, here are a few of the commercials showing us how to stay in shape in shape-ups!
What a joke!


Cassy said...

I like your post and I find it very timely as I plan to buy shape up sketchers this weekend.

Thanks for the inputs!

Cass from How To Strum A Guitar

Courtney said...

so I am totally not a fan of hers, maybe jealous because she is super cute but I get a fake vibe! i am weird i know! anyway I agree, but they are making money so they don't care, its kind of sad!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Yeah, those shoes are weird and yet another way for people to lose weight by not doing anything. As if.

You are right -- if only people would finally realize it takes exercise and good eating habits, instead of always trying to find a quick fix.

Elle said...

Coming from The Fitness Friday Blog Hop.

I am constantly surprised by the products that 'fit' people endorse, for huge dollars.

Nicole Mariana said...

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Anitra said...

I'm with you. There's no way she's wearing those. I prefer the original MBTs to these new-fangled things. I'm following you from the So Followed Saturday hop. You can find me at

jillconyers said...

HItting the gym hard is the only way you're going to see results.

Thanks for linking up. Help me spread the word about Fitness Friday. Please include the blog button in your FF post or on your sidebar. Thanks.

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Amy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person to be annoyed at celebrities and what they tout as fitness products to the rest of us!

Found your through the blog hop!

Sylvia said...

I never really liked Skechers to begin with, but when they came out with Shape Ups for little girls they made it onto my S*** list. Not only are these shoes not good for your posture, there's no need to tell little girls to shape up. It's the parents responsibility to make sure their kid gets enough exercise and these shoes are the last thing girls need to get it.

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...


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