Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a confession to make, whenever i can't get to the gym, i slip into my DVD player, an old Billy Blanks cd and just go at it! I go hard or go home. I have been using his DVDs for years.

Not consistently of course but for years, he has been my go-to man for fitness whenever i can't get to the gym.  It's effective, efficient and fun! 

Whenever i do it consistently for a month, i notice a change.  So here is to more and more change!

Here is a little preview! You can find them all on youtube! 

How about you, do you have an exercise dvd that you dust off once in a while?


Latin Coupon Queen said...

NEW follower! HAve a great day! :0)

Mie said...

Well i've been doing Hip Hop Abs for 3 weeks in a row now. Had to stop and have now been resting for a week as my knee got all f'd up.

I have awarded you with "The Versatile Blogger Award"!!

Mizzreviewlady said...

I need to start getting into some type of work out routine! I am your newest follower and would love a follow back over at

Kimberly said...

I had an old vhs copy of tae bo that I loved, but I've never able to find it on dvd. I'll go check out those youtube clips. Thanks!

Michelle said...

OMG, I have so many videos because I don't work out in a gym. I love Pilates and Yoga. But, I do have a couple Billy Blanks videos. I have a crunch fitness one by him with free weights. Then, I think I have Tae Bo, but kick-boxing, etc. makes my hips hurt. So, I haven't done much with those. Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax hop! Have a great week.