Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Health Body..

Since having this baby...i want my body back the way it used to be.
I want it stronger and healthier...
I want to be able to return to before when my body was strong and powerful.
Right's not so strong.

 My body is getting stronger and stronger everyday.
The lung capacity is expanding...
I have several challenges including going to BED EARLIER...
 But truly this is a journey and i am getting there daily.

I have tried a few new supplements and I have to be careful with
what I use because I am still breastfeeding.

I recently came across supplements for military and I am excited to try it
maybe after I am done breastfeeding although i did read that it was safe and appropriate.
They have all different kinds and it's supposed to give you energy, stamina, endurance and focus.
Which are all attributes I can definitely use to be the best mom ever!

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Janelle B. said...

Best of luck!!! You can do it!