Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Staying Healthy and Fit

I have a confession to make...since giving birth i have not done a good job of getting back into exercising and fitness.  It's really unfortunate but i do understand that it's going to take my body sometime to get back into gear.  Honestly i thought right after the baby...i would be able to get back into running and doing kickboxing like before.  After all, i did run a half marathon while of course i thought and still think i can do it all!

But i do have to give myself the time to heal and do what it's supposed to do.  After all having a baby is a pretty big ordeal on my body.  The other part of this too is that as i get older it's only going to mean i need to work harder to maintain healthy and fit.  It's NOT only about working out but eating healthy and clean and having a lifestyle that is good.

Also, if i am not healthy and fit then it will be difficult to get medicare supplemental insurance, which i have been thinking i want and need.  Of course i need something extra for myself and my newborn so that we are taken care of.

As i get older, i am reminded it's not only about being healthy and fit but ensuring i have certain things in place to maintain my health and  And I'm glad this is something i am learning.

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