Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hospital Care...& Record Keeping...

Currently i am dealing with the hospital system since i just gave birth to my son.
The hospital i delivered my baby was definitely an awesome one.
I went to that specific hospital because that's where my friend delivered her son.
So of course i had some second hand information to know how good the hospital is.

I am not even going to try and imagine how hospitals organize all the information they have to organize.
Recently i was speaking with a friend of mine and we came across this OptimusEMR.

Come to find out, 

OptimusEMR is a leader in the electronic medical records industry.  They develop software for hospitals to help organize information about patients, so other hospitals will have easily accessible information about them, and no information will be lost. You can read more about what OptimusEMR offers on their products page:

If you would like some examples of how OptimusEMR has contributed to client's success please refer to their case studies here:

When you are in the hospital, you are not thinking about whether administrators keep electronic health records but it is helpful to know that such programs exist.  I can only imagine if i had to be in the hospital for long term care, i would hope the hospital would keep an excellent record for me and my health providers.

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