Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stronger Body...

Since having this baby...i want my body back the way it used to be.
I want it stronger and healthier...
I want to be able to return to before when my body was strong and powerful.
Right's not so strong.

 My body is getting stronger and stronger everyday.
The lung capacity is expanding...
I have several challenges including going to BED EARLIER...
 But truly this is a journey and i am getting there daily.

I cannot do bad things to my body including smoking.
I told one of my friends who is about to have her baby that once she has her baby,
she needs to stop smoking cigarettes.
As this is the only way she will get back to her stronger body.

I know it's difficult but it's something she hasn't been doing
 for the last nine months and can continue to do.
I know she will get there...
We will get there together.

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