Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking Care of My Body..

Last night i had an epiphany as i was going to bed.  But let's rewind before my epiphany!

My husband and i went to a picnic with my father-in-law and some other friends and family.  At a picnic, there is always food.  Lots of ribs, bbq chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, fruit, salad, green beans, chips, and drinks.  As you can see, there was a lot of food.  And since i have been going without meat during the week, i am allowing myself to eat meat during the weekend.  Going without meat was nearly impossible so quickly so i am doing it gradually. 

As my story goes on, i had some bbq chicken, salad and green beans and a pepsi to start.  Then of course, i decided i was still hungry and went for some hot dog in the most delicious bun i had ever tasted.  It was soft and gooey and just melted in your mouth also.  After that, i wanted to taste some of the ribs so i went for some.  With a side  of hamburger bun.  Of course, why not, a Rib Hamburger! That was delicious!
My husband on the other hand did not want another plate because he was FULL! The concept of being FULL did not even cross my mind (maybe briefly) but the idea of tasting everything that was delicious over took me and i continued to eat. After the picnic, of course i was full and uncomfortable.

Fast forward six or seven hours later.  We are at home, watching a movie and the husband is munching on some tostitos.  Mind you, i just had a McCafe fruit shake so i should be fine.  But the knowledge that the tostitos are delicious lures me into eating some.  My husband, ever the loving husband he is, gives me a look but doesn't say anything. 

After i ate to my satisfaction, i felt disgusted!  My body did not feel good because i was way too full! And it just felt uncomfortable.  Of course, i had a mini nervous breakdown infront of my hubby who comforted me and said he will be more supportive and not eat snacks that would entice me.  But that's not the point, is it? I am a grown ass woman, i should be able to know when i am full.

This weight loss thing begins in the mind and nowhere else! If i am not strong in mind, i will not be strong in my decision making about food and eating!

So just after my prayers and before i drifted off to sleep, it hit me.  How can my body take care of me if i am not taking care of it? How can my body be strong and lean when all i feed it is junk and fat? 

It really all does start with Self-Love, the fact that i love myself enough to want to take care of my body!  This week's challenge is: before i eat anything to ask myself, "is this taking care of my body?"

Have you had any epiphanies recently about weight loss?


Things Sent My Way said...

My epiphany is that exercising is easier when you lose some weight, and you just have to start it to get it going!

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Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

Cami said...

I'm wandering from Wandering Wednesday! I decided to follow - hope you follow me back :)

Great post!! Exercising definitely helps lose weight! Eating healthy obviously does, too ;) Sometimes going to a bbq is hard to pass up all the good food, tho!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

Kristin said...

I think husbands are sent to ruin diets. Mine always tempts me with his snacks and sweets! Good luck!


Kylie Ofiu aka Aspiring Millionaire said...

Not lately, but I learnt a while ago I have no will power. I need my husband to not eat tasty snacks around me either, or I can't help myself, then I regret it later.

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Kylie Ofiu aka Aspiring Millionaire

Lynn said...

Stopping by from the Wonder Wednesday blog hop :)

I enjoy exercising either with my family or alone enjoying the time either with them or by myself for a bit. Seeing the changes in your body while exercising motivates me very much. Some friends and I are starting a "Feelin' Fab Friday" blog hop sharing fitness and weight loss tips as well as just ways to feel fab just the way you are. Would love for you to come hop on Friday or even write a post and link up.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Awesome post!

I've had similar epiphanies - and they are a shock to me sometimes. One of those - why didn't I think of this before. And you're right - without will power, it really becomes a struggle.

Good luck - and thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

The Miller's @ Prezidential Life said...

New follower from take it from me: Welcome Wednesday. I look forward to keeping up. Thanks for Sharing

The Miller's from
Prezidential Life

jellybelly said...

I try not to let myself get too hungry. Otherwise, there's no stopping me from eating every delicious food I see :)

The Twerp and I

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I really enjoyed your story! I agree how can your body take care of you if you don't take care of for thought! :)

Sylvia said...

The mental aspect of weight loss is the hardest. You know you don't need to eat certain things but your brain makes you crave them and think about them until you have some. I think your idea to ask yourself if this is good for your body before you eat something is a great idea!