Monday, March 12, 2012

Actos Lawsuit Explained...

My granny has had type 2 diabetes for more than twenty years and she struggles with it on a daily basis. Diabetes is definitely a chronic illness where there are high levels of sugar.  
Certaintly, no one ever wants to have diabetes however when you have it, you have no choice but to find methods that work for you.  Granny wants to be healthy and we want her to be healthy.

My granny uses several methods to curb her diabetes.  
Of course there are: medicines, exercise and diet control (my granny's favorite) 
to control her bloog sugar and prevent further issues with other parts of her body like her feet.

One of the methods she came across to control her diabetes was Actos.  
This was subscribed by her physician.  
Therefore, imagine my shock when i found out on that there was an Actos Lawsuit.  

It was a little disheatening when i found out that taking this type of drug for too long 
can cause increased risk of bladder cancer. 
 Of course i didn't know how to approach this conversation 
with my granny but i was thankful when i found out i could go to this website for more information:  

I am thankful i could share all this great information 
for my granny because i know it will definitely help her in the long run.


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