Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Krill Oil...

I have been using fish oil for a while for my joints, skin,  and running endurance. 
When taking the my joints feel the same as well as my endurance. My skin though has improved. My skin is less dry, and thats saying something for me. Because my skin is normally dry and gets really dry in the winter time. 

I grew up on fish oil, so i know the benefits of Omega-3's. All these years though I wondered why they couldnt make the pill smaller and easier on the stomach. I heard people talking about another Omega-3 the was smaller, easier on the stomach, and had added benefits. 

The good thing about Krill is that they are easier to swallow and they dont upset my stomach. This might seem minute, but if you cant swallow the pills and they mess with your stomach, the less likely you are to take fish oil and you will not get all the benefits. Some of my friends tell they eat fish often, after I tell them they should be taking fish oil. 

The truth is we would need to eat around two to three pounds of fish daily to equal the amounts found in supplement form. Thats why I like the Krill pills. You can get the proper amount of EPA and DHA in one to two small pills. I remember sometimes I would skip the fish oil, just because it was too big. Beyond the obvious benefits, Krill has helped my muscle soreness. 

Astaxanthin I found was naturally occuring in krill oil. I researched it, and found out it is an antioxidant that helps the protect the muscles from oxidative damage from exercising and environmental pollutants. Its benefits also include immune fighting, anti-inflammatory, and neurodegenerative diseases of the eye which was a plus. 

I will be using krill oil from now and I will be able to be consistant because of the small size and its ease on the stomach.

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